Where to find the best deals on used auto parts

Finding used auto parts for sale is as easy as a Google search for used auto parts. You can order online, have the part shipped to you, as easy as ordering your favorite washing-up liquid from Amazon.

You Have Options for Used Auto Parts

The good news for consumers is that there are options for those looking for used auto parts. You can do the online search mentioned above which will give you many options to choose from. Some cities have used car parts dealers where you can shop. And your third option, and in our opinion the best for the price, is the local junkyards, aka junkyards.

Junkyards are consistently the best deal.

The industry standard, covering approximately sixty thousand junkyards in the United States, is an average 40% rebate for used auto parts purchased at junkyards. 40% discount is not to be scoffed at when it comes to auto parts. It can mean savings of hundreds of dollars on large items like engines or transmissions, and even smaller items offer savings of hundreds of dollars over the course of a year or two.

Added to this are the special savings offers that are an integral part of large junkyards, special offers such as an extra 20% discount on all engines in February or an extra 30% discount on all brakes in March. For a do-it-yourself auto repair shop, junkyards are like Home Depot is for a DIY enthusiast.

Online or in person service?

Put hundreds of dollars of savings aside for a moment and ponder this question: Would you rather shop online or buy in person from someone you trust? Yes, this is a world of convenience and yes, online shopping is all the rage. But there is still something to be said for dealing face-to-face with a business owner, and when you build a relationship and build trust with that business owner, there is no comparison to impersonal online shopping.
When it comes to buying car brakes, brakes that keep you and your family member’s safe, wouldn’t you rather buy those brakes from a local business owner that you know and trust?

A Word About Used Auto Parts

For over many years, Used Auto Parts has lived up to provide the best quality used auto parts and used truck parts at the best prices and our track record is impeccable. . Call today and get you back on the road and ask about our 90-day warranty on all parts sold.

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