Shipping Your Car To Hawaii Through A Certain Transporter?

Are you planning to move to Hawaii? During any relocation or transfer of job, one has to think about how to ship his car or cars to a place like Hawaii. For all your other items you can hire any moving company, however, to move your car to Hawaii, you must look for an experienced transporter.

Ship A Car, Inc has been providing car shipping services for a good many years in the USA, and they have got a network of transporters almost all over the USA including Hawaii. Therefore, you must call their representative and ask them to offer their free quote to ship your car to Hawaii.

If you happen to be a military person, then SAC can offer you special care to transport your car to Hawaii, and much Military personnel has already taken their service and are quite satisfied with their prompt service.

Generally, if you are moving within the city then you need not take any service from transporter as you can drive the car on your own. However, if you have to travel to a longer distance like Hawaii then certainly you will need the services of a transporter.

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How does the whole process work?

When you are shipping your vehicle to Hawaii then the following are the 3 options available to you.

  • Do it yourself

For this option, you need to book your transporter and then take your car to the collection depot of the transporter and hand it over to them.

They will then drive your car onto the vessel and make it secure for its journey to Hawaii.

Once your car arrives at the Hawaii destination port, then the steamship line will drive it off the ship, where it will be stored until you arrive at Hawaii and pick it up and then drive your car to your new home.

  • Door to door service

This can be a great option in case you are not interested to deal with various logistics. A mover will pick up your car, and then drive your car to any nearest port. After that, he will turn it over to a certain steamship line.

Also, at the destination end in Hawaii, a representative from the same moving company will pick your car, and then deliver it to your new address in Hawaii. There are also hybrid options available to both pickup and drop-off services for your vehicle.

  • Container

In this option, since your car can easily consume almost 50% of the space of any 40′ container, it will limit significantly the number of goods you can pack.

Also, by including your car you will end up making your container a little more expensive to ship. In case, your vehicle does not run or if it is a very special model or make then putting it inside a container will make sense.

If you are choosing this option for transporting your car to Hawaii then it is necessary that before discussing with the transporter you must also discuss with a certain expert too.

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