Help guide to While using Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

There’ll likely be a time when most Outlook users encounter corrupt or broken.pst files making it impossible to gain access to all Outlook folders including contacts, tasks, calendar, and email. Obviously this is often a huge problem, but never fear, there’s an answer.

Fortunately, Microsoft has incorporated an “inbox repair” tool with Outlook. Although this is great news, it’s hidden deep inside the Program Files folder in your hard disk. This informative guide can help you locate and employ the inbox repair tool that will assist you restore and repair the private Storage Table (PST) files which are essential towards the functionality of Outlook.

Choosing the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPst.exe)

During these examples we’re presuming your hard disk is on the C drive when not alter the file path examples below appropriately.

  1. Navigate the below path using Home windows Explorer:
  • For Outlook 2007 – C:Program Files:Microsoft ‘office’:OFFICE12
  • For Outlook 2003 & XP – C:Program Files:Common Files:System:MSMAPI:LocaleID
  1. During these folders, you will have to locate the file – ScanPst.exe. When you run the.exe, you’ll have to browse to the present location of the newest.pst file before hitting “Start”.
  2. Wait for a Inbox Repair tool to totally scan the broken.pst file and find out the errors. When the tool can repair the PST file, the scan results report can have the errors that may be repaired.
  3. To repair the identified errors, select “Repair.”
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