Choosing the best Hands Trucks, Dolly, Or Platform Cart to suit your Needs

Regardless if you are moving furniture, appliances, equipment or products, getting a hands truck around can’t only help you save time but it’ll go a lengthy method to assist in preventing work related injuries. Warehouses and movers have used hands-trucks, dollies, and platform carts for many years to allow them to load and unload products with safe efficiency. Additionally they can help eliminate the amount of back injuries that occur from lifting an excessive amount of weight.

Hands trucks are available in all sizes and shapes – folding trucks, 2 in 1 convertible, appliance, and niche with various wheel configurations. Without proper understanding, choosing the best hands truck for your requirements can be challenging.

This informative guide can help you find the correct trucks, dollies, or platform carts whether utilizing it for small company or perhaps in a large warehouse setting.

You will find 3 fundamental groups of hands trucks – Upright, Convertible, and Niche

Standard uprights are ideal for small company proprietors who require to maneuver objects which are 500 pounds or fewer.

The heavy-duty hands-trucks can handle transporting loads over 600 lbs. With regards to materials, hands trucks are usually produced from steel and aluminum.


If you would like probably the most durable and most powerful material, opt for steel. Steel hands trucks are extremely strong, since they’re reinforced with double welded joints and mix supports for that greatest strength and durability where it counts.


Aluminum hands trucks are lighter than their steel counterparts, but they are just like strong. Magnesium may also be alloyed with aluminum to produce a level more powerful construction.


If versatility is what you’re after, browse the type of convertible trucks that are offered. A convertible has four wheels and it is a little more versatile because you can use it like a standard upright style or perhaps in a horizontal handcart configuration.

Convertibles would be the most versatile having the ability to carry loads within an upright or vertical position using just 2 wheels or folding out right into a 4-wheel platform that rides just like a flatbed cart.

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