Car Insurance with Accessories Cover: Everything You Need to Know

Apart from being a necessity, a car is still a symbol of status in India. Cars reflect the persona of the owner, and most people boost the appearance of their four-wheelers by using a range of accessories. Moreover, while a car is one of the costliest purchases made by most people (second only to buying a home), many car owners opt for a comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy to get financial protection from damages due to an accident or mishap. 

However, accessories can get damaged during accidents too. Also, some accessories are highly costly. Therefore, it is important to insure the accessories of the car along with the vehicle. In this article, we will talk about car insurance with accessories cover and help you understand everything that it entails.

What is a Car Accessories Insurance Cover?

First things first, a car insurance policy does not cover all the accessories of your car. Hence, if you want to get them insured, then you will have to opt for a car accessories add-on. Most insurance providers offer add-on covers to help you customise the policy as per your requirements. However, these add-ons increase the premium of the policy.

Different Types of Car Accessories Add-On Covers

Add-on covers for car accessories can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Electrical accessories: The add-on cover will include all electrical accessories like spoilers with brake lights, music systems, fog lights, etc.
  • Non-electrical accessories: The add-on cover will include all non-electrical accessories like the spoiler, seat covers, alloy wheels, etc.

Who Needs A Car Accessories Add-On Cover?

Add-on covers charge a premium. Hence, before opting for a car accessories add-on cover, it is important for the car owner to ascertain if the accessories are worth the premium. Typically, luxury car owners who use costly accessories must opt for this cover. Also, if you live in a natural disaster-prone or theft-prone area, then an accessory cover is recommended.

Benefits of a Car Insurance Accessories Add-On Cover

A comprehensive car insurance policy does not offer coverage for accessories installed in the vehicle. Hence, if you have a high-end accessory, then it is prudent to opt for a car insurance accessory add-on cover. For a nominal charge, insurers offer coverage from damage or theft of car accessories, including car cameras, battery chargers, tyre pressure monitors, any kind of anti-theft device, fire extinguisher, etc.

If your car gets damaged due to an accident, mishap, natural disaster, or man-made disaster, or gets stolen, then you expect the insurance company to provide compensation. However, if you have spent a sizable sum on accessories and the comprehensive insurance policy does not offer coverage for all the accessories, then the purpose of buying it gets defeated.

Hence, before buying a car insurance policy, assess if you need a specific car insurance cover for the accessories. If the answer is affirmative, then look at different insurers and policies. Compare plans and add-on covers and use a car insurance calculator to determine the total premium amount, including the cost of the accessories add-on cover. Make sure that you look at the cost-effectiveness of the car insurance cover before making the purchase.

Summing Up

Car accessories can either be for improving the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle or to meet some functional requirements. In either case, when you buy car insurance, you need to assess if you want coverage for the installed accessories or if you are willing to manage any repair costs or loss due to theft on your own. If the accessories are costly, then it is usually recommended to purchase a car insurance policy with an accessories add-on cover. However, if you have decided to buy one, then research the market and compare providers and plans before signing the dotted line. Good Luck!



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